Our solution to pilot your Procurement performance

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A pragmatic solution to manage your buyers and their performance

Identify and plan sourcing actions

A structured approach needs to be backed by a proper and up-to-date sourcing pipeline.
Per Angusta lets you easily identify and plan savings opportunities.
Managing your pipeline is easier, more efficient than in Excel... and with less typing!

Track and validate savings (hard or soft)

Procurement needs to deliver savings, but not only.
Beyond hard savings, Per Angusta also enables you to track non-financial benefits. You can share them with your stakeholders so that they validate your results.
Procurement's value added is visible, shared and recognised.

Set savings targets and track them!

For each sourcing project, you set targets and get a precise view of the contribution of Procurement to the objectives of your company.
Creating your sourcing pipeline and setting objectives is a key step to position Procurement as a trusted business partner.

Tailor reports to your stakeholders

Do you need to build a dashboard for the CEO. And then rebuild a progress report for the CIO?
With its built-in dashboards, KPIs, and its advanced filtering options, Per Angusta creates tailored dashboards on your behalf.
Your time is too valuable. Use it to comment your dashboards, not to build them.

Manage your buyers' priorities

Your buyers' time is limited and some actions have a higher priority.
Per Angusta lets you easily see your team's workload and the stakes.
You have all the elements to easily reassign resources and priorities on the right actions.

Build the Procurement community around best practices

Many Procurement organisations face the challenge of building and disseminating best practices.
With Per Angusta, your buyers can share practices and results in a very easy way.
Your teams communicate more and learn from each other. This results in a faster maturing function.

Want to know more ? Call us at +33 4 26 28 27 18

You can also write us at contact@per-angusta.com

Easy to use

Per Angusta is modern and easy to use. User-friendliness is a priority for us !


The implementation of Per Angusta only takes 2 weeks and you can start measuring the benefits in less than 3 months.


Per Angusta is hosted in a the cloud. So there is no software to install or update!


All of your data is transmitted encrypted (SSL 256 bits) and backed up daily.