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Capgemini Invent and Per Angusta Study:
”CFOs/CPOs state of the art relationship”

What if an efficient relationship between CFOs & CPOs would bring additional margin to your business?

That is the main idea of this study jointly run by Capgemini Invent and Per Angusta.

The main goal of this study is to demonstrate the mutual expectations of both Finance and Procurement teams.
The study addresses both CFOs and CPOs of all economic sectors and will cover – among other topics – the existing best practices, recommendations and new approaches.


Beyond their control and compliance functions, Financial and Procurement Departments are more and more expected to manage the company's performance.
And yet, if these two functions are involved in optimizing costs and cash, budget construction, risk management or securing P2P processes, we often noticed they interact without really look, or even try to understand each other.

We found it interesting to make a state of the art relationship assessment between CFOs and CPOs and identify the bridges that coexists between these two functions at the heart of company’s profitability

Perimeter and modus operandi

Launching between May and July 2018 at an international scale this survey targets big international corporations, midsize companies and public sector organisations.

The survey is made of online questionnaires and live interviews of Financial and Procurement Directors to gather qualitative inputs.

Why should you be part of this Study?

In order to thank you for your contribution, Capgemini and Per Angusta will have the pleasure to share with you in preview the first results of this study.
Moreover, you will be invited to a special event to discover the key findings of the study.

Organizers of this Study

Capgemini Invent
Per Angusta

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